Formula One Paddock Club™ Parking

Car Parking:

Paddock Club parking is usually located a short walking distance or shuttle ride from the main entrance of the Paddock Club. Car parking passes can only be ordered in conjunction with Paddock Club Tickets and will be issued for the relevant days.

Parking passes are issued in the ratio of 1:3 tickets purchased except:  Australia,  Miami (1 per 4),  Monaco (1 per 5),  Canada (1 per 4),  Netherlands (1 per 5),  Singapore (1 per 5),  Japan (1 per 4),  USA (1 per 4),  Brazil (1 per 10),  Las Vegas (TBC).

Additional parking is very limited and subject to availability.

If you intend to drive, we advise that you order a parking pass as soon as possible. We will give you the price according to the race and the time of your order.

Please note that no additional car park passes can be purchased in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Brazil. No passes are available in Monaco and Brazil.

Coach parking passes are required for large vehicles.

Chauffeur Pass:

Chauffeur passes are required for chauffeur driven vehicles (non-ticket holders) at every race where the parking facilities are located within the circuit.

Chauffeur passes are in addition to parking passes and required for the following races:  Australia, Spain, France, Britain, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Please let us know if a chauffeur pass is required and we will give you the price according to the race and the time of your order.

Coach Parking:

Coach passes are required for vehicles carrying more than 15 people or for vehicles over 5.7m long. At a select number of Grand Prix’s coach drivers will require a chauffeur pass, in addition to the coach parking pass, to allow the driver to enter the circuit with the vehicle. Confirmation of the cost of chauffeur passes, requirements and availability is available upon request.

Please note that Car Parking, Coach Parking and Chauffeur passes must be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to the event or the price increases.

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